I have worked in the area of television and video production most of my career.  I have worked for network afiliates (CBS, NBC, ABC) and for public and educational television.  Below you will find examples of my work from two of my recent positions in broadcasting Milwaukee Public Television and KUSI-TV in San Diego, CA..

Art's Place Logo Design
Logo Design

Ch 10 Logo Design
Ch 10 Id

Pigskin 101
Pigskin 101
Black Nouveau
Black Nouveau

Ch 36 Logo Design
Ch 36 Id

San Diego People Logo Design
SD People
10 & 36 Holiday Id
Holiday Id

Game of The Week Animation
Game of the Week

Shopping Safari Logo
Shopping Safari
Ch 10 Kids Id
Children's Id

Outdoor Wisconsin Logo
Outdoor Wisconsin

Turko Files Logo Enhancement
Turko Files

Television Projects by Ron Clowney