This is a ink stipple drawing of The Old John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, GA. This building was torn down when the downtown freeway was expanded many years ago.The first Dean of John Marshall Law School was S.B. Fenster who, along with the other founders of the institution, brought with him a dedication to broadening the opportunity for legal education to those traditionally denied such career options. This dedication is evidenced by the fact that John Marshall was among the first of the Southern law schools to integrate its student body and the fact that women have been represented in the student body since the School's first graduating class. Since its founding, the school has continued to provide access to legal education to those residents of Georgia who, for what ever reason, were unable to achieve their goal from other, more established institutions of legal education. You can own a copy of The Old John Marshall Law School for $30.00 plus $3.95 S&H.

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The Old John Marshall Law School

The Old John Marshall Law School, Atlanta GA