This is an unframed ink stipple drawing of historic Bascom Hall on the University of Wisconsin's Campus in Madison Wisconsin. This Bascom Hall art is printed on a 20" x 16.5" non acid heavy paper. The actual image is approximately 15" x 13" in size on that sheet. Each image is signed and numbered by the artist.
You can purchase a copy of this beautiful Bascom Hall art for $35.00 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. This Bascom Hall artwork will remind your family members or friends of the great time they had on the UW Campus during their college career. .

A copy of this image can be purchase by contacting me (Ron Clowney) at I will send you a copy through the U.S. Postal Service and once you have had a chance to inspect the image you can mail me a check for $38.95. If you do not want the image please return the image to me

Bascom Hall, University of Wisconsin

Bascom Hall, University of Wisconsin, Madison