This is an etching of The Main Building (Old Main) on Wofford College's Campus in my hometown of Spartanburg SC. A Spartanburg landmark since its construction between 1851 and 1854, "Old Main" was designed by the noted Charleston architect Edward C. Jones. The original architect's sketches, donated to the college in 1902 by Julia Chreitzberg, show that Jones conceived one of the most ambitious projects ever built in the classical Italianate style, then popular throughout the South for academic and other public buildings. Wofford is one of only a handful of US colleges and universities that were founded before the Civil War and still operate on their original campuses. The Wofford College National Historic District has five of the six original college buildings, all of which are in use today for various purposes.

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Old Main, Wofford College, Spartanburg SC

The Main Building (Old Main), Wofford College