Hepner Hall, designed by the senior architectural designer of the California Division of the State Architect, Howard Spencer Hazen, and completed in 1931, is the iconic academic building in the center of San Diego State University (SDSU)'s campus, just north of Malcolm A. Love Library at the entrance to the Campanile Walkway and main quad.

Hepner Hall is home to SDSU's School of Social Work, along with the Department of Gerontology and the University Center on Aging. Several faculty offices and research centers also are housed in Hepner Hall, along with an assortment of classrooms and lecture halls.

Hepner Hall is the symbol of the campus, with its Mission Revival Style architecture, open-faced bell tower and archway. It is the most photographed building on campus. The tower bells are rung only once a year, during the yearly commencement ceremonies

Entrance to the building is gained through the building's impressive portales, which are framed by turquoise and white tile. Two massive turrets frame the Catalonian-style archway, which is topped by an Mission-style bell tower (campanario). Inside the archway is a ribbed Moorish-style arch vaulted ceiling with a simulated Moorish wrought iron lantern hanging from its center

One of the original buildings on the SDSU campus, originally Hepner Hall was the Arts and Letters Building. It was renamed in 1976 in honor of Walter R. Hepner, President of the university from 1935 to 1952. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Hepner Hall, SDSU, San Diego CA

Hepner Hall, San Diego State University